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East Lee's Career Fair for The Class of 2011.
tn_Education034.gifMany thanks to Mrs. Hull and Mr. West for their hard work and to all our career representatives. tn_2_a_headdress.gif

NC SCOS Our state goals and objectives for the school year with lessons and links to the goals. Under constant construction.


2006 Grant enhances the 8th grade classroom curriculum. (Learn more below.)

icon_hand_17.gif Science Projects
animated_sherlock.gifInquiry Science for cross curriculum applications.


Test Taking Skills


animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifLatest Titan Action



Beach Trip I animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifThis has more links at bottom of page.animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gif

animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifSanLee Park Lab

animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifCichlids School Tankhyperlink.gif



animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifBeta Fish under construction



animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gif Salt WaterTanksanimatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gif


Lee County Schools is not responsible for material posted on this page.
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animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifThe Titan Team received a $2500 Grant from Jordan Fundamentals to support animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gifS.P.L.A.S.H.I.N.G.S:


S e a,andolphin.gif

P o n d s, L a k e s & other

A q u a t i c S t u d i e s o f H a b i t a t s

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bubblelg_stan_and_debbie.gifN o r t h C a r o l i n a ’ s N e w


G r a d e 8

S c i e n c e C u r r i c u l u m





Our local hero, Michael Jordan has become our mentor.


Nike and Michael Jordan provides 200 middle schools acoss America with a $2,500 grant to enrich learning each year. The Titan Splashings Unit , developed by Judy Knight, received that award. With those funds, Titan students are developing and maintaining a fishtank for the whole school to enjoy as well as aquatic ecosystems for the classroom. This wiki is being created to document and communicate our ongoing work with these ecosystems each year. Room 309 students are leading the hydrosphere explosion of knowledge. Visit our classroom and join the East Fish Club.

SPLASHINGS Around the Cape Fear River Basin, 2006-7, is a science hydrology unit based on our ecoaddress. We are fortunate to live in the Cape Fear River Basin; the entire river basin is in North Carolina. We are close to many parks and beaches which have educational programs that help students relate to the science curriculum through our beautiful natural surroundings. Hydrology is only 30% of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, but the other parts of the curriculum are embedded in the study of water. We weave chemistry, technology, microbiology and some geology into our water world unit.

This video clip, Jordan Fundamentals ; will help you understand why Michael Jordan wants to inspire students to do their very best.
Michael Jordan cares about East Lee.

You are a very fortunate group of middle school students! wiki_pic.JPG Keep in mind the confidence we have in you as you do your work.
Ask yourself these questions as you prepare for high school:
  • Do you believe that what you learn this year will help you as an adult?
  • When you write your lab reports and do your research papers, will you be proud of what you wrote?
  • Are you doing your best? Just do your best each day and you will be pleased with yourself in June when you leave us.
  • If Michael Jordan reads your research paper on this wiki, will he understand what you did?
  • The whole world will be reading about your projects on this wikispace-- even your children.

Splashings grant projects



Clip art: http://saltaquarium.about.com/cs/tankphotocontes



www.zooschool.com, www.school-clip-art.com,
www.speedtv.com, www.fotoart.com,
Danita Russell, our technology guru at ELMS.
Travis Taylor who encouraged projects and field trips.
Chuck C. and Kathy at Fins,Furs and Feathers.
The East Lee anonymous faculty who sponsor Titan students.
Ms. Mowrey's church, Rocky Fork, who sponsored Titan students on our field trip.
Raleigh Aquarium Society.
Carmalee S, who is working on project DIBS, an education project.
Steve E., Missouri, MAS, who has promised to donate special shell breeders to East Lee.
Mrs. Hockaday, tank donation.

Team Activities :


Salt Water Studies:

Beach Trip, October 24, 2006


  • The Oak Island beach field trip of the Mighty Titans.
  • Carolina Ocean Studies takes us to Wolfe's Reef.animatedbubblescomp_stan_and_debbie.gif

  • Carolina Beach State Park, located on the Cape Fear River, has ecosystems with unique plants.
  • Ferry Adventures and light houses.animated_new10.gif

  • Water Testing using CBL's from the Science House with Mr. Johnson helps us compare and contrast the chemical components of different ecosystems.
  • clip_art_shrimp_1.jpg
  • animated_check_it_out.gifEstuary collections at Fort Fisher. 1copepod.gif


Science Projects

Science Project Resources
Core 1
Core 2
Core 3
Core 4
Lesson Logs
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