The Fourth Core Gang

Science Projects, 2006-7

#1. Hajab: Which Detergent Works Best? 4/5/07 a_1_wiki_of_Hajab.JPG ABSTRACT Cominga_wiki_of_Hajab.JPG

Completed before Easter!! All the pressure is off. Good Job! You have your A.

Work hard; play hard!
Make this your best year of school.
Carolina Beach Pier Oct 24,2006
Lots of donut sales got us here.awiki_pic_12.JPG

yellowrtsm.jpgTakeyah: How long does it take to set up and cycle a fish tank? (Michael Jordan Icthyologists)takeyah_jay_wiki.JPG

CollinC: How semipermable are plastic bags to saline?wiki_pic.JPGOsmosis lab spin off.
Blake B: What is the growth rate of hair in different species?
Kayla K:


William: Which towel is most absorbent?
Miguel G:
Eddie: Which glue is best?
Desmond: awiki_pic5.JPG

Building a presence for the science of hydrology at Wolfe's Reef.

Israel N:
Adan M:
Miyera M:
Hajab Which detergent cleans best?

Ready to leave the beach after one last picnic on the shore at Fort Fisher.

Shawna W: awiki_wrap_up.JPG
  1. Hayley: How does caffeine affect blood pressure?
  2. Cody M:
  3. Diana C:
  4. Desmond S:
  5. Annette: Which type diaper absorbs best?
  6. Francisco M:

1copepod.gifVictoria K: How do shrimp brine grow best?
Jessica: How long will a 55 gallon fish tank require to cycle?andolphin.gifawiki0034.JPG
Shameka B:
Virginia L:
Brittany M:
Michelle R.:
Frank S. awiki_water_test_3.JPG

Hayley Y: How does Caffeine affect blood pressure? awiki_water_test_4.JPG
Every class gets one goofy picture except fourth; they get two tries at silly. Four Core is successful.
The Navy has provided students with the popular sun glasses from the Career Fair 2007.