The Third Core Crew.

Science Projects:

#1. Micheal H. Which Candle Burns the Cleanest? 3/29/07 Abstract. Project.

Good Job, Micheal H.!!

#2. Amanda S. How Does Caffeine Afftect Heart Rate and Blood Pressure? 4/5/07 Abstract. Project.

Good Job, Amanda!

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wiki099.JPG Rachel is our naturalist!
  1. Rachel: What habitat is best for earthworms? wiki_blue_crab.JPGwiki_pond_3rd.JPG
  2. Justin: refine electricity?
  3. Caitlin: How accurate is the CBL probe compared to other methods of testing?
  4. Lizzy: no
  5. Miguel : No
  6. Edrey: How do Termites Respond to Pen Inks.
  7. Jennifer: How long will candles burn in different size jars?
  8. Lily: How do crystals ...?
  9. Josue
  10. Ebony: What is the best way to grow paramecium?
  11. Eric
  12. Shawna: Electric Circuits?
  13. Michael W. What is the paramecium response to __?
  14. Michael H. Which type of candle burns the cleanest?
  15. Craig: How much does the density of water change with temperature changes?
  16. Carlos: What are student responses to subliminal messages with color?
  17. Kevin
  18. Michelle
  19. Diana C
  20. Amanda How does caffeine affect the heart rate?

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