Building a background for science: Bioindicators at SanLee State Park. This is one of the best field trips in the state!

WIKI122.JPGEstuary Collections in Wilmington.

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    Wolfe's Reef.

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  2. Richard: Which type of soil filters water best?
  3. Avery: How does temperature affect magnetism?
  4. Kendra: Can water molecules be split into hydrogen and oxygen?
  5. Vincent:
  6. Thomas: Which propellar design works best?
  7. Daisy: Which Lipgloss recipe is more soothing?
  8. Julia: How does heat absorption vary in different materials?
  9. Gladys: Which type of oil makes the best hand lotion?
  10. Maurica: Which type of candle wick burns the cleanest?
  11. Jay: What factor affects the electromagnet's strength most?
  12. Danny: How does the pH of your mouth change when eating?
  13. Trevor: How many sound waves will make a paper move? (frequency)
  14. Amber : How do shrimp brine grow best?
  15. Madesia: How does temperature affect seed germination?
  16. Rosalio:
  17. Jacob :
  18. Rachel: How does water pollution affect the rate of rusting?
  19. Janesa: How does drinking salt water affect your cells?
  20. Walt: How does temperature affect the strength of the magnetic field?
  21. Lupeta N.: How long does it take to cycle a salt water tank?
  22. Amy

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Water testing at Fort Caswell with calculator based labs.
wiki_creek.JPGCollecting specimens at San Lee.