Good bye Fort Caswell. Good bye Oak Island; so long light houses.

Everyone now understands that there are special smells associated with the beach.
Never again will you read a book about the sound without remembering the smells

One last ferry ride to go to the Fort Fisher Aquarium and eat lunch on the beach before we head back to Sanford.
Rachel and Jay are very bold now with the 3 types of gulls we have seen each trip on the ferry ride.
You'll never tire of feeding the sea gulls; always take a loaf of bread with you when you ride the ferry.


animated_welcome14.gif Warning Folks! Wear your old estuary shoes and clothes to the aquarium.
Have a change of clothes on the bus; this will keep your gurad at the aquarium very happy.
Be ready to get off the bus and divide into groups immediately even if you are tired after 2 hard days at the beach.animated_bear.gif

OR.....Maybe you should go to Fort Caswell and explore their estuaries. Take books and look up the specimens you find.

In the summer and spring you can see loggerhead turtle nests. In the aquarium, they raise the turtles that won't make it out of the nest each season. ILoggerhead turtles have a fascinating life story.


We paid to have experts teach us about the aquarium.


The students were told to collect samples. We already knew about the blue crab. Wasn't there anything else we could learn from experts???


Kendra went all out collecting with the net on this cold day.


Nothing ever bothers Cody; no matter how cold it is, he is all go!


Jay and Josh rose to the occasion to find critters in the estuary. It was cold.


Avery joins the group in the cordgrass. It's amazing that the grass likes this water and that so many small fry grow here as juveniles.

We could do this on Oak Island next year with our own nets. We were disappointed that we learned so little. Shrimp and fiddler crabs were all that we learned new.

When the leaders found out that we had been testing data with NC State, they did discuss nitrite pollution from pig farms and how that was our 9/11 emergency plan.

Ciera needs a net. She has ventured into the estuary.


Victoria is a really good sport about this collection process. It is hard to find much this time of year. Next year we'll know.wiki127A.JPG

Anything here???
Cody is thinking: What a morning after the estuary.

Afterwards, we got to go into the aquarium. Although we were not very popular to begin with, people in the gift shops complimented us on our wonderful students by the end of the day. Even the guard was nice to us. Some students from East Lee had given us a bad name. We had to work hard to erase that reputation.