Small Tanks

Live Birth Fish Tank
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
This tank was donated by the school nurse, Mrs. Hockaday, to allow us to set up a habitat with live plants and fish that will give live birth.
Francisco and Danny worked hard to set up the tank before and after school. The tank has a small African frog and two black Mollies and two white Mollies with three types of live plants. Only this tank and the river tank have living green plants. Petrified wood is the anchor for the plants.

If the mollies breed, we will have dalmation mollies. We have a large risk of losing the Mollies in this new tank.

Mollie Care

February 2, 2007 Only one molly died and that was in the first 12 hours. They are voracious eaters.


February 18, 2007

The Bolivian Ram or Butterfly Cichlilds were purchased at an Raleigh Aquarium Auction. Since they are peaceful fish that like similar water conditions, our little mollies have some new friends. Our butterfly rams are have some black stripes but no color.

March 19, 2007

Our mollies have not done well. Ich affected one of the black mollies. Just feeding the white mollies some new food killed them--we think. The pet store believes that the introduction of the butterfly rams, stressed the mollies. The Icthyologists' Club will move the rams to the large 55 gallon tank and introduce more mollies.

HISTORY Research II Care


April Update: These Butterfly Rams were too much for the Mollies. We had to move them to a tank of their own with lots of rock caves . They tend to stay in the level of the caves and avoid the upper levels of water now. With the Mollies, they seemed aggressive and stressed the mollies and they ate our plants.

The Mollie tank now has many plants and one Mollie.

Egg Layers Fish Tank none yet

Class Beta Fish: living with us since August,2006
Breeding experiment in October, 2006 The female almost killed the male after living together for 24 days without incident.

Hermit Crab Habitat: