Mr Johnson from The Science House of NC State University

attends our trip to teach us how to do water quality testing. He is working on Ms. Knight's GPS as we are practicing our team building skills at Fort Caswell.


Collecting Sameles on site at the ferry landing on Oak Island.

Temperature measurement are done with the probeware and graphing calculators. Later we will do all the chemical testing. Joella and Vincent have already done temperature in the classroom.


Back at Fort Caswell on Tuesday night, we begin to compile the chemical testing data.

Amber, Madaesia, and Cierra are taking turbidity measurements.


Lupeta, Rosalio and Daisy are measuring the ph of the water samples as Mrs. Street and Mrs. Horton observe. The Baptist Assembly has large classrooms for us to use as lab spaces.


Micheal, Frank and Tonya are busy test nitrates in the water. We have a big surprise! Nitrates are considerably higher that we expected. It turns out that the Cape Fear River is dumping excess nitrates into the Atlantic. North Carolina has a considerable swine farming industry; is this contributing to the nitrate levels?

Victoria, Hayley and Cody are concentrating on their work.

Ms. Knight promised the Lee County School Board that we were going to be doing NCSCOS at the Beach. The students had to work hard to get all of their testing done. It was a long day! We didn't finish until 9:00 pm.

Back at school, we will use the data to make a database to prepare for the NC Computer test. Mrs. Harris copied all the data for each large group as we used another classroom to post our results. Our parents we interested in what we were doing, too. That was really nice.

We worked so hard on all the testing that we couldn't tie the results together very well until we got back to school. That is exactly what happens in the real world. We have to keep good records in the field so we don't lose data. Science is not one tidy lesson plan; lab work can continue on for years. Hopefully the next class will also collect data to compare with this year's class.